Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am really getting into this gardening thing. This is called "Salsa Garden". I planted Sweet 100, Yellow Pear, Italian (Roma), Early Girl, Better Boy and Beefsteak tomatoes, Jalepeno's, Serrano Peppers, Bell Peppers and Eggplant.
But my Early Girl is loaded with probably 50 tomatoes:

These are shots from each side!
All the tomato plants have tomatoes now, I just have to play the waiting game.

Next, I planted an artichoke...never did that before and this cute little plant used to be about 6" now about 5' tall and look at the artichokes!

I ate an artichoke last weekend and it was yummy. There are probably 30 globes on this plant.
My other gardens are coming along. I have corn, okra, squash, beans and spinach in one garden that is pretty large, then in a smaller garden I have my watermelon. My next project will be my pumpkin my boys will have Jack 'o Lanterns for Halloween!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not for the faint of heart...

Years ago, the biggest women's shoe was an 8, or 9 if you were lucky. Women with size 10 or 11 feet had to squeeze into size 8 or 9's, and that was not conducive to happy toes. Nor is arthritis or a variety of other ailments that age brings. So, this first picture is of my mother's left foot (the right looks about the same), before surgery. She had been to several podiatrists all across the USA, and finally found one who said he could fix it. He is also listed as THE best podiatrist in Phoenix.
That was just moments before the Dr. began taking out knuckles, fusing knuckles, inserting pins to help the healing process keep her toes straight this time.

And after we got her home and in her Lazy Boy Recliner (and got her to stop puking) this is what her toes looked like! The Pins go straight in her 4 toes and then bend up at the end of her toes and there are yellow plastic tips on them to keep them from snagging on stuff.

This is a picture of the screen showing the x-rays 1 week after the surgery. You can see how long the pins are (I estimate they are about 5 or 6 inches long from the tip of her toes to the inside of the foot). They are there to keep the toes aligned.

Now, this is the worst of all the pictures. I call her "Mollie Scissor Toes" and this picture proves Frankenstein had something to do with it! The stitches are out now, but I wasn't there to get the pic. Dr. Harlan told her to stay off her foot now, because she was doing too much and it was swelling.

In about 6-8 weeks the pins come out. When the left foot is healed, it will be the right foot's turn. It will be much longer before she can drive after that foot. Volunteers call at your earliest convenience!
Mom is such a trooper. She puked in my new car...but she used a garbage can I brought...just in case! WHEW! She took maybe 2 pain pills since surgery. She was driving again after 1 week. But she is tired of cooking, so anyone who cooks can come see her anytime! (you can come see her and not cook, too!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Then and now.

It's a 2009 Black Honda CRV EX-L
The GMC was a 1999, black and 182,000 miles on it.
It got brand new tires about 6 weeks ago, and the
battery was 3 days old. It is being demolished.
I got it with the Cash for Clunkers campaign.
I just hope it really does get do you know?
I thought about letting DMV know so they won't transfer the title.

I love Q-Tips!

This is a TON of Q-Tips, but I will use them all! Promise! In my lifetime!

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